Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays

Weddings are all about the symbols, the rings, the white dress, and the veil. Of those three elements, it seems like the veil might be the one that's least important, but I beg to differ. Aside from the religious perspective of veils being used as a symbol of your virginity/future deflowering,the veil is also, style-wise, a statement piece. I feel it lends a little more information as to your personal style.

Bird Cage = fun,flirty, trendy
Cathedral length = dramatic, traditional, and romantic
Mid-length = less dramatic than the traditional cathedral length,is a statement in itself, for the laid-back yet still traditional bride.

For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled various pix of brides and their veils.

(Bubbling, Bird Cage Bride and her too cool school for Groom)

("Lifted" Bird Cage)

(Yet another birdcage veil, this one is on the longer side and I'm almost certain you can remove the veil and wear the flowers for the reception.)

(This bride put a very different spin on her veil-- wrapped around her head, lol, but it's beautiful and it works for her.)

(This last bride is wearing one of the dresses, I deemed a nightie but it looks beautful on her and her barely there veil is breathtaking.)

The search for a wedding dress that is sexy but not oversexed is over: I got my dress and it's everything I wanted and more = D, and more importanly, my Mr. is gonna love it.

Look for a future post on dresses that didn't make the cut and why.

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  1. I'm afraid the wrap around veil look is a bit to couture for me! And I agree...veils are telling of the bride's personality.