Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrifty Tuesdays

Ask anybody who's anybody, and you'll find out, I'm queen bee, when it comes to bargain shopping... And more than just bargain shopping, I think, I'm pretty good at thrifting...So for the next few weeks, I wanna introduce you, my readers, to the goodies, I've been lucky* {is there really such thing as luck} to find!

First up, we have a pair of YSL suede sandals in brown (nude for dark skinned girls!. I got them on my recent trip to Puerto Rico. We happened to drive by a Goodwill Store and I just needed to go in! I walked in and straight to the shoe section where I picked out these beauties...

{wolf whistle}

Well I picked those suckers up, did one lap around the store and proceeded to check out! At check out I asked, "Cuando"? To which the woman responded, "Un peso." {My heart is beating fast, my palms are sweaty... I reach into my purse, pull out A dollar bill and slide it across the counter.} As the sales woman accepts the dollar and puts my new shoes in the bag, I am elated.

I did have to get the elastic on the strap replaced, which put the cost of the shoes up to $21, still a steal....

Happy Thrifting...

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