Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

A few weeks ago, I celebrated, along with my fiance and our families, an engagement party of sorts! Everyone knows you can't have a good party without good eats and even better desserts. So BK and I were off to Boston's historic North End!

I have to admit, this was exciting, I mean as a native Bostonian I've probably seen 1,000,000 'Mike's Pastry' pastry boxes. Who doesn't know to stop in a get a canoli from Mike's when you come to Beantown?

Well BK and I were on our way to Mike's, our maiden voyage, when what did we encounter... It was like the release of the new iphone, but a lot less orderly! We decided to skip the chaos and discover what else the North End had to offer.

We came to a shop with a cool neon sign and an ordely line!

Inside we were treated to a visual foo-gasm (that's a food orgasm!)

like this...

And this...

We ended up getting these 2 beauties ( rum raisin cake and a cheesecake)

On our way back to the car the Mr.

pointed out that the freedom trail, which most people associate with Downtown Boston, also ran through the North End!

Both desserts were equally spectacular and we're making plans to stop by Mike's for canolis real soon!

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